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2022 Family Events

2022 Family Events

2022 Family Events

Scroll through the dates to find out what exciting things we have on offer for your family to enjoy! We've got...

What age are the events aimed at? 

We welcome guests of all ages, although many activities are best suited for 8+ years. Under 8's may still be able to take part, but please contact us before to make sure it will be safe and enjoyable for them.

How long do the trail events take to complete? 

The trails are estimated to take approx. 2 hours, although we'd love you to stick around and enjoy the site.

Do we need to pre-book for events? 

Yes, pre-booking is essential. Please ensure you have booked in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Do adults need to book? 

No, adults are Free of Charge.

Is the site/activities push chair/wheelchair accessible? 

Yes - although terrain can be uneven, there are gravel paths that can be used to access all areas. If you would benefit from our off-road wheelchairs or require other accessible equipment, please contact us directly to discuss.

Will there be somewhere to eat? 

Yes - Caf Explore is scheduled to be open for all of our events. 

If you have any more questions, please contact us!

Please note: If you do make a booking and we need to close again under government guidance, you will be liable for a full refund, or we can provide a credit.