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Go Adventure Activities (July)

Go Adventure Activities (July)

Go Adventure Activities (July)

Our Go Adventure Activities are the perfect experience for the young and the young at heart. From High Ropes to Archery and Climbing to Bushcraft- there is something for everyone! 

Sessions are 90 minutes and availability is listed in the calendar on the right.

We do try to add extra activities where possible, but places on activities are limited so we strongly recommend booking in advance to avoid disappointment.

Restrictions on High ActivitiesGuests weighing over 16 stone or under the age of 8 years will be unable to take part in climbing, abseiling, zip wire, high ropes and tree climbing.

Guests under 8 years may benefit from additional support from an adult to fully take part in a session and their participation is subject to safety equipment being an appropriate size.

Guests under 16 years may need an adult present at the activity base (not necessarily taking part) - take a look at our guidelines for more information.

Please do contact our Customer Experience Team for more information or advice on any of the above.